May 13, 2016

12.05.2016 – Forum Production Manager – Poznan


SPEECH: Manager 4.0 – New perspective on change, conflict and crisis management.

There was jumping on chairs. There was a lot of fun. There was a little bit of reflection.

The best feedback, I’ve got after the speech:

“Congratulations. I didn’t like it, because I saw myself in one of the cases you described.” :)

Everything is changing. From one day to another faster and faster, Market requirements, customer requirements, people expectations. Time runs faster and there is more things to do. Stress. We are assimilation more and more information before taking decision. Level of risk and uncertainty increases.

On operational level we all know what to do, we can and do manage changes, conflicts and crisis every day.
Is the operational level the only one, we should concentrate on?
How is it influencing communication, behavior and decision making process?
How escalated the process towards crisis?

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