Networking Power DAY! + guest Dagmara Głowacka

17 March 2016 17:30-20:00 (Thursday)

Warsaw, Idea Hub, ul. Polna 11 (k. Metro Politechnika)

Program full of inspiration, exchange of business contact and networking:

17:30Registration and welcome to guests,
coffee, tea, snacks, first business talks.

Dagmara Głowacka
– Logistics Director in big corporation, coach, mentor, trainer. Specialist in crisis management and work with difficult, uncomfortable subjects marked emotionally.


Emotions in business – opponent or ally?

We have been endowed by nature in a whole range of emotions. We categorized them as unpleasant and pleasant, easy and difficult… But emotions are emotions.

– Each emotion has a purpose
– Each emotion brings something
– Each emotion wants to show us something
– Each emotion is a gift

Sometimes we don’t understand them. They start to escalate and then it comes to emotional kidnapping – Emotions take control of us.

Do you want to know:

  • how to recognize, how to read and interpret their message?
  • how to use the power of each emotion to strengthen ourselves and our business?

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