March 12, 2016

10.03.2016 – CISCO Women of Impact conference – Krakow


PANEL SESSION: Epowerment ‘Be unstoppable’

What SuperPower would I like to have? Mind Reading, of course in controlled way :)

In a team of wonderfull ladies:

Ewa Drozd – Vice-President of the Management Board SAP Poland, Head of Education Business in Central and Eastern Europe
Barbara Nalepa – Head of Application Development Department of Bank BPH
Anastazja Walinowska – EMEAR Network Operations Center Manager Cloud and Managed Services in CISCO
Katarzyna Zieziula – Manager Cloud and Managed Services in CISCO
Dagmara Głowacka – Owner of DGAcademy and Global Logistics Director in Kongsberg Automotive

Moderator Luisa Luna Carrillo – Business Operations Manager, CPS/CS Vendor Management Program Office, Co-founder & Advisor in CISCO

We were exchanging thoughts, experiences and opinions about:

– Source of power and inspiration
– Overcoming crisis & obstacles
– Leadership (overcoming fear to lead or speak)
– Work life balance

WORKSHOP: How to keep work-life balance?

There is not enough time. There is always not enough time for everything we want to do: career, family, friends, sports, trips, sleep, health… And we all have exactly the same amount of time: 24h a day.

What can we do within 24h? How to find a correct split between all roles in life, all dreams and expectations? Is it possible? Is it realistic? What is the way to find the work-life balance?

To keep them balanced, we need to have very clear understanding of priorities and their hierarchies. We need to know how to organize ourselves in a time and space. We need to understand what, why and when is important. We need to define well what the balance means for us in each of the moments in life.

Participants asked about their expectations listed:

  • rules, tricks, ready solutions
  • stories of other people, inspiration
  • lots of fun and entertainment

My idea for the workshop was to show them a different perspective on the life balance.

The first part of the workshop was calm. Everyone talked about himself/herself, about the approach to life balance and assessed the current level of own balance on a scale from 0 to 10.

Then everything happened quickly and dynamically. A lot of laugh, a lot of movement, a lot of surprises and suddenly it turned out that:

  • some choices seem to be difficult, and are not when you do look at them from correct perspective
  • in everyday lobbying we forget what is really important for us
  • we are not able to control everything in our life and it is better to accept this fact instead of fighting with it.
  • greatest strength we have within us
  • we can take responsibility for own lives and it changes everything :)

In the final feedback, I’ve heard that participants did not get, what they expected. They’d got something completely different, more valuable for them and for their lives and that’s it. :) That’s the power.

Each participant took thoughts on own life, own values and idea what to do with it. Everyone composed individual plan of action and gave the commitment to the implementation of this plan. Will it happen? This is their life and their business :)

I thank the organizers for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in this event. The magical atmosphere full of strength and enthusiasm women.

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