June 8, 2016

06-07.06.2016 – V FORUM OF WOMEN IN LOGISTICS – Wilga



DISCUSSION PANEL: Emotions in business introduction to workshop “Emotions in decisions”

WORKSHOP:  Emotions in decisions.

There is no space for emotions in business. However, the business wakes in us incredibly vivid emotions. How to make sure that emotions will not disturb the decision-making process and do not affect the quality of decisions?

Everyone can not imagine making strategic or ordinary business decisions under emotions. However, most decisions are taken under the influence of emotions.

What impact have emotions on the thinking and decision-making?

What impact have emotions on the quality of decisions and consequences?

How to address the emotions in the case of internal conflicts by making tough, unpopular or controversial decisions?

Workshop based on cases showing multidimensional decisions and emotions generated in the process.

Cases selected for the profile of participants showing the emotional conflicts at: socio-ethical-moral; business and personal.


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