About Me

In my life, I manage to successfully combine numerous roles. I am wife, mother, logistics global manager in a large corporation, superior, subordinate, coach and mentor. I am specialist in crisis management and I work with awkward, emotionally marked subjects.

Additionally, I carry out my coaching and training business. In my free time I ride a horse and practice other forms of physical activity. Due to my involvement in everything I do, I received the award “Women in Logistics 2013” granted by internet portal .

I understand perfectly how steep and winding professional path can be, how much determination and effort is required to find proper balance between all aspects of life. I know how important in this journey is the right support, keeping a broad perspective as well as faith in your own abilities.

I know from the personal experience the hard choice “career or home”, “struggle with glass ceilings”, demonstrating at every moment of life your ability to jump through hoops as well as the reality of women’s life in the world of men’s TOP management.

I am convinced that all experiences are necessary, make sense and happen in the right time and place. These are the components of my success.

My mission

I show people that they can do following things in their own way:

  • Think, talk, listen
  • Treat themselves and others
  • Behave in businessPokazuję ludziom, że można inaczej:
New quality

I show people the consequences of such a change:

  • In business
  • In private life
  • In relationships with others
I provide

I provide:

  • Unique development programs adapted to the specific clients needs
  • Flexible forms and ways of cooperation
  • Efficient methods, techniques and tools used to achieve desired results

I guarantee
  • The highest quality of services and fulfilment of labour standards consistent with the code of ethics of the International Coach Federation.
  • Full confidentiality, respect and sincerity in the approach to the client.

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